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The ATS/MJA system of scoring is the fairest system employed anywhere. In the traditional systems where you have one winner and a second and third place, you do not recognize the true abilities and skill levels of every participant. Too often several people have attained identical levels of expertise, but only one will be the winner and another second or third, and others, just as qualified, get nothing at all — when, in fact, all were equally qualified for the highest award. That’s what happens in the 1-2-3 type systems where competitors are compared to each other.

At ATS/MJA we want every individual to be rewarded according to his skill and abilities. To do that, each participant has the opportunity to perform in the medal events of each of the three areas of emphasis. In the Fashion Modeling division Individual Runway is the medal event. In Television and Film, T.V. Commercial and Monologue are the medal events, and in Entertainment participants may sing or dance for medal scoring.

A participant is able to enter any or all three divisions of competition and be scored for medal awards. Each individual is scored by judges against a system instead of against each other. This makes the event an evaluation—not a competition. Medals are awarded according to the combined scores of the judges for each medal event. Each judge will rate you as Exceptional, Excellent, Good, or Fair in each of four areas: 

  • Personal Appearance: Grooming, health, fitness, skin , hair, style
  • Attire: Outfit appropriate for situation, age, time, place
  • Stage Presence: rapport with audience, enthusiasm
  • Ability: How well you perform the required skill
  • And, provision is made for BONUS points as: Extra credit for difficult task, originality, superior performance, etc.

The rating of each part carries a point value, and when all judges’ scores are tallied, you are given a total score. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals are awarded based on those scores. Remember, every participant who scores in the medal range is awarded the appropriate medal. That way everyone has equal opportunity to showcase his skills and earn his own awards based on his own skill level, instead of being compared to others. In this system many people can score in the medal range or just a few—it all depends upon your skill level, not how you compare to others. The score is an evaluation of how well you performed, compared to how well you should be able to perform. This is the best system ever!

An evaluation can be the most valuable learning tool you will ever use. To have your skills evaluated by competent and knowledgeable individuals is highly enlightening and often humbling. To have someone else critically and honestly evaluate you is a gutsy proposition, but it is a profound educational experience. After the conference you may have your score sheet to see how you scored in every segment, plus get the valuable comments the judges may provide. That takes the wonder out of why you scored where you did. It will indicate what you did well and where you may need to improve. 

Remember, the first of the Three “E’s” is EDUCATION. At ATS/MJA you will learn through personal evaluation, seminars and workshops, and interacting with experts in your fields of interest.

A special Showcase Award will be presented to the highest scoring gold medal winner in each medal event.

An American Talent Showcase/Model Jam America Overall Winner will be awarded from each of the four age divisions. The Overall Winner award is based on the highest combined scores from the three medal events of Individual Runway, T.V. Commercial, and Entertainment—(Monologue, Singing or Dance – choose one only). The Group events will be judged as units since it would be impractical to attempt individual scoring within groups. Judges will determine winners and runners-up as units.

Swimsuit, Photography and "It's All In The Jeans" Runway are also juried events with judges selecting a winner and runners-up. Other awards and recognition may be presented at the discretion of American Talent Showcase/ Model Jam America.

Above all you must remember: awards are nice, but exposure is the name of the game. Just DO your best with enthusiasm, energy, conviction, and excitement, and you won’t be disappointed! Believe it or not, the agents, scouts and judges don’t really care what awards you may win. They are interested in your performance, personality and drive— AND, only YOU control that!