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Participation in the American Talent Showcase / Model Jam America is by invitation only. Some participants come through local agencies or schools. Applicants who have no agency or school affiliation or wish to participate independently are welcome and should contact ATS/MJA for registration requirements. Audition tapes/demos or in-person interviews/auditions are required of singers and dancers. There are three main areas of emphasis at ATS/MJA, and your registration may include any particular area or all areas, as you prefer. It should always be kept in mind that the invited agents and scouts are seriously looking for people who are "ready", both in skill and intent, to perform. For instance, register to enter the Singing event only if you are at a professional level where you could actively earn a living as a professional singer. A scout from a record label has no interest in anything less, and rightfully so. The same logic applies to Modeling and Acting as well. Be prepared, and be prepared to come and learn. There is always room for improvement, and we will help you.

Areas you may register for include:

  • Individual Runway
  • T.V. Commercial Presentation
  • Photography
  • Monologue
  • Singing (ATS/MJA approval and audition/demo tape required for singers)
  • Swimsuit (age 12 and over)
  • Individual Dance (ATS/MJA approval required)

You may pinpoint your focus to a specific area or areas, or enter as many events as you are qualified for. Choices and versatility - it's up to you.

Your registration fee includes:

  • All events and presentations in all three areas of emphasis
  • All workshops and seminars
  • All awards, medals, and certificates
  • Interviews
  • Awards Ceremony

Lodging charges are separate and the responsibility of the individual, and are not part of the registration fee. We have negotiated special reduced ATS/MJA room rates, and you must ask for them when making your arrangements. Observer passes for events, workshops and seminars are additional fees for people other than the registered participant.