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What the Pro's say

Its very rewarding for me, having been in the business for 20 years, to meet these wonderful children and young adults, and impart my wisdom. I see so much talent here, and I believe if you receive proper instruction, youll apply that to every part of our life. Youll only get better. ATS/MJA has something for everybody.

- Linda Davis, Grammy Winning Country Music Star



I come to ATS/MJA because Im going to see young people who have what it takes to make it on Broadway and in the music industry. I see them here and watch them grow, and I also have the opportunity to work with them. 

- Bob Marks, Composer, Conductor, Renowned vocal coach




I love coming to this convention!! As a casting director. Im always looking for new faces for commercial, and film. Its great to have other areas I can reach out to besides the Nashville market. When I come ATS/MJA, I see talented people, more importantly I see them nurtured. The process is very positive and allows people to grow, and mature in a positive atmosphere. 

- Regina Moore, Casting Director, Nashville, TN



I have been invited as a judge at ATS/MJA  Conventions for several years. Having been in the Entertainment/Music Industry, worldwide for over 40 years, as, Producer, Personal Manager, and Booking Agent, I've seen many up and coming Artists of all genres perform. At ATS/MJA these contestants are very well organized and groomed for their performances.  I have taken a personal interest in a couple of the Artists and hopefully more in the future! I give kudos to Donna Ehrlich and her staff at Z1 Models and Talent, and the other agencies that always make the bi-annual events  successful! Each event I've attended has been very fresh and entertaining!

- Walter Stewart, Soul City Records / Carolina Entertainment Network, Charlotte, NC 


The judges here at ATS/MJA build people up. It molds young people and their talent and abilities. ATS/MJA has impressed me greatly. Its not a competition. Its people going for their dreams. 

- Heather Cox, American Idol Finalist Season 5




ATS/MJA is a very family-oriented event. The only one I attend. Very organized and the caliber of talent, very high. 

- Helen Gittens, The Diamond Agency, Orlando Florida




The only event I attend. I have found great young talent here. 

- Lisa Pantone, Casting Director, Los Angeles, CA