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Three Event Areas

Fashion Modeling, Television & Film, Entertainment

  • Category 1: Ages 0 - 7
  • Category 2: Ages 8 - 12
  • Category 3: Ages 13 - 16
  • Category 4: Ages 17+


Singing (MEDAL EVENT): Ages 6 and up, two (sometimes three) levels, qualification required

Individual Dance (MEDAL EVENT): Two levels, qualification required

Television & Film

TV Commercials (MEDAL EVENT): Open to all ages

Monologue (MEDAL EVENT): Open to all ages

Fashion Modeling

Individual Runway (MEDAL EVENT): Open to all ages

"It's All In The Jeans" Runway: Open to all ages

Group Runway: For groups - minimum of three persons per group

Swimsuit: Open to males and females age 12 and over.

Photography: All ages

About the Events

Individual Runway: Each participant may walk down the runway one time only, once across the front, left and right if desired, and back up the runway. You may turn and stop, as your individual routine requires. Dress is your choice. Remember, this is a fashion routine, you are here to show off the fabrics and style. Outfits need not be expensive, but well thought out and coordinated. To score well, you should keep your routine simple and upbeat. Children should look like children and should not need nor wear makeup. What sells in todays market are real people. Avoid cutesy tidbits like winks, kneeling, salutes, dancing, prancing and pantomime. You are out there to sell the fashion, not call attention to yourself. Be natural, happy, and energized. Project a warm friendly attitude, be confident, not cocky, and your enthusiasm will win the admiration of the audience and the approval of the judges.

"It's All In The Jeans" Runway: Similar to Individual Runway in presentation and walk, but this time everyone is dressed much the same in Jeans and a white T-shirt or Tank.

Group Runway: Schools, agencies, or other groups may compete in a group modeling routine. Individual groups should consist of at least three members. The routine should be kept to about 5 minutes or less if possible. Few routines can hold the attention of the audience or judges much beyond 5 minutes. The routine should be choreographed, in good taste, with attention to the outfits. Each group will perform to their own selected music which you will provide to ATS/MJA on cassette tape or CD, cued as the first and only selection on side A. Bring a backup copy of your music to avoid problems.

Swimsuit: Swimsuits must be in good taste. Thong styles, etc. are inappropriate. Contestants must be 12 years or older. Each contestant will do a simple walk the length of the runway, then contestants will be presented collectively for the judges selection of the Winner and Runners Up.

Photography: This is an on screen event for all ages. Participants submit two photos that will be projected onto a large screen for judging. Photos will be presented to ATS/MJA by the date listed on the deadlines sheet. The participants do not appear on the stage so that the judges can concentrate on the images. The images must be in good taste, no lingerie, nudity, or tobacco or alcohol props.

TV Commercials: Open to all ages, participants will perform a T.V. type commercial of their own choosing. A 15 second spot is recommended, however no commercial may exceed 30 seconds. You are welcome to use an existing commercial or make up your own. Small props are allowed. Commercials should be appropriate for your gender and age, always in good taste and not include tobacco, alcohol /drugs, foul language or strong sexual overtones. Outfits and costumes appropriate to the commercial are welcome. The T.V. commercial is very important and will tell the judges a lot about your personality. Give your commercial everything you have. Be energetic, but most of all, be natural. Todays television audience responds to REAL people. Over acting and over dramatizing will only hurt your score. Elaborate costuming, stage makeup, or theatrical presentations will definitely not work. To sell your product, you must be understood. Learn that commercial without an accent. Learning to speak without an accent is no different than learning to put on an accent such as Irish or Australian. Get help with that commercial. Find a speech coach or drama teacher and give us a T.V. commercial that sells!

Monologue: Monologue is a dramatic presentation of your choice, appropriate for your age, geared to show your acting talent and must be in good taste in subject matter and not include tobacco, alcohol/drugs, foul language or strong sexual overtones. The experts tell us they can evaluate your skill in the first 30 seconds, therefore your monologue is strictly limited to two minutes or less. You will be timed. Costuming relating to the monologue is acceptable.

Entertainment - Singing: Divided into Professional and Rising Stars and sometimes Terrific Tots is a three minute on-stage vocal presentation designed to show your vocal skills, and most importantly to entertain. A time limit may be imposed as necessary. Contact ATS/MJA for time limitations. Minimum age limit is 6 years old. Professional singers should be at a professional level capable of acquiring a record deal or developmental deal. Rising Stars is for highly skilled talent, not quite ready for a career as a singer at this point. To determine qualification, ALL singers must either audition in person or provide demo tapes at least two weeks prior to the conference.

Entertainment - Dance: Divided into 2 groups. Individual Professional Dance is designed for those qualified entertainers prepared to work as professional dance performers. Rising Stars Dance is for highly skilled dancers just short of the professional level. If qualified, you perform a maximum 90 second routine to music of your choosing. ALL dancers must provide an audition or demo tape at least two weeks in advance of the event. All singers and dancers must contact ATS/ MJA for approval, further instructions, and special requirements. All music is your choosing. Dance tracks must not exceed 90 seconds. Vocal tracks should be approximately 3 minutes or less. Tracks must be provided to the sound engineer no later than three weeks ahead of performance, as a tape or CD. When you come to the conference, bring at least two backups of your tracks. No a cappella performances allowed. For quality, only hand held microphones will be used, no head mics.

Remember, these events are designed to entertain your audience, but are also serious events requiring the highest skill levels. They are great fun and delightfully entertaining! A brief sound check for the sound engineer will be conducted at the conference. This is to obtain reference levels only and is not a practice session. ATS/MJA will determine if a participant meets qualification standards. These Entertainment Performance Events are not for amateurs, novice, or mediocre performers. The judges, scouts, and label reps demand strict adherence to the highest industry standards. Only the best will make the grade in the entertainment divisions and present their performances.