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Here are some helpful suggestions pertaining to Dress and Etiquette for the event.

Showcase Overview

This is an overview of the participants. You walk the runway once as an introduction only, wearing jeans, or shorts and an ATS/MJA T-shirt. Keep your hair and makeup simple. Jewelry and accessories should be very simple. Remember this is NOT a pageant.

TV Commercial

Your outfit should suit your age and the product you are selling. Keep it simple. No overpowering props. Often jeans, T-shirt, and blazer or sweater is great. Save your money!

Individual Runway

Outfit should be appropriate for your age. It should show your sense of style and reflect YOUR personality. Lots of layers often work well. Shoot for the Gap, Limited, or Bebe look. You don’t have to buy your outfits there, but that is the look you are after. Too slinky, too tight, and too short WILL NOT WORK! We have seen how that scores. Remember, you are a prop and you are showing off clothes — not yourself. Again, very simple, clean hair and makeup. This is a “together”, polished look. For men, let me suggest very current, casual or business. Look at magazines, check out displays at stores like Abercrombie, Hollister or the Gap—you can copy the look for less.

"It's All In The Jeans" Runway

The height of simplicity, your outfit will be jeans and a plain white T-shirt or tank, no embellishments, please.

Photo Competition

You will be seated in the audience, so be comfortable. Scouts are always watching, so look your best.


You can be glitzy or simple if you are a singer or dancer. Make it appropriate for your music and performance. Again, look your age. You are here to show your skills as an entertainer—do that well! For monologues, it is your choice, but select carefully. Your look and outfit should suit your monologue material. I am sure you have the perfect outfit in your closet already, so don’t spend your money unnecessarily.

Group Runway

This is left up to your coordinator. It should be in sync with the atmosphere or theme of the routine and music your group selects. Coordination of all the parts: Theme, Music, Attire, and Presentation, is the goal.

Agent Interviews

This can be casual, but do your best job on your hair and take it easy on the makeup. This is an eyeball-to-eyeball look at you, so look your BEST — clean, simple and natural is always a winner. Some agents even prefer you wear NO makeup at all for this face-to-face interview.


In good taste (no thongs, etc.), colors and patterns are your choice.