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American Talent Showcase / Model Jam America

Z1 produces the combined powerhouse conference of the American Talent Showcase and Model Jam America. ATS/MJA is the premiere outlet for Models, Actors, and Singers to showcase their skills in Modeling, Television and Film, and the Entertainment fields. ATS/MJA offers a Fresh Start on the Right Track.


MODELS, ACTORS, ENTERTAINERS - Come join us for the Experience of a Lifetime! The combined American Talent Showcase and Model Jam America is more than a conference, more than a competition, it is an opportunity to grow and develop your potential as a Model, Actor and Entertainer. We present YOU to the real people, agencies and organizations who are actively seeking new faces in the Industry. The ATS/MJA Conference sets the "Standard of Excellence" in Education, Exposure, and Evaluation.




Education and training are the basis for success as a Model or Entertainer. At the ATS and MJA Conference our intensive seminars, workshops, and hands-on training are led by top professionals in the field—people who know what it takes to make it in the Modeling and Entertainment industries today. What you learn here benefits you now and stays with you for a lifetime. Only the best prepared make it to the top.


Exposure is key to your success as a Model, Entertainer or Actor. At ATS/MJA you perform and showcase your skills before the real people who can open doors and help put your talents to work. Seeing you on the runway and stage gives agents and scouts a feel for your skills— meeting you personally, one-on-one in Open Interview allows you to show your personality, present your portfolio and resume, and get to know the people who are seeking new faces and talent. You PERSONALLY meet with the agents and scouts of your choice.



Evaluation is a gauge to measure your abilities and level of expertise. What better learning tool is there than to have your best efforts judged and critiqued by professionals in the business... the very people who need your talents! Our evaluation system is unique in another very important way. Every participant in every category is judged individually, against the system, and NOT compared to each other. Here, everybody has equal access to the awards and everybody is awarded according to his score, not his ranking against other participants. Yet, it’s not about awards, but simply being the best you can be!


ATS/MJA offers opportunities in three broad areas:

  1. Fashion Modeling
  2. Television and Film
  3. Entertainment

At ATS/MJA, you can be as focused or as versatile as you desire. Enter as many areas as you are qualified for, or narrow your choices to focus your energy. High fashion models can showcase talents in events such as Runway, Swimsuit, and Photography. Actors and Entertainers who may not fit the high fashion profile have a great opportunity to show their skills in Television Commercials, Monologues, Singing and Dancing. We offer very substantial opportunities to every talented participant. This is the beauty of the combined American Talent Showcase and Model Jam America, CHOICES and VERSATILITY. Pinpoint your focus to spotlight your talent, or widen your field of opportunity to encompass other areas of interest. That’s what ATS and MJA is all about...equal opportunity for everyone.

A Word From Donna Ehrlich
Director of ATS/MJA

Let’s talk real world. Let me ask you a question. Are you serious about being a Model, an Actor, a Singer or Dancer? Are you willing to work hard to realize your dream to be? Can you be open and honest with yourself and others? Then ATS/MJA is for you.

Will ATS/MJA help make you a better Model, Actor, or Entertainer?

Will ATS/MJA give you the opportunity to meet with, learn from, perform for, and be evaluated by the real people who are actively seeking new faces and talent in the industry? ABSOLUTELY!

The skills you acquire and perfect, the contacts you make, and the confidence you gain will definitely give you the edge you need in this highly competitive industry.

Want to have that confidence, that “something” that makes you stand out? Then ATS/MJA is definitely for you.

Why do so many participants eagerly return time after time? Because the ATS/MJA Conferences WORK, plain and simple. At ATS/MJA we do it right.

Please, join us!